The most common way of storing electricity from the sun is to store it in batteries, but even in this process we need additional electronic devices and the usability has its limits. And where can electricity be stored without investing much money? Into water. Into a water heater. We offer and supply water heaters that use electricity from photovoltaic panels for heating. The electricity generated in photovoltaic panels can also be used for space heating, in addition to water heating. When the water in the water tank is heated to the set temperature, the electricity is transferred to the second tank or from the heating system to the tank, and the electricity is then evenly distributed from the photovoltaic panels. All devices within Logitex heating systems communicate automatically with each other without the need for additional electronic control. Photovoltaic heating can be used for electric heating systems or for liquid heating systems. When it is not necessary to produce energy for heating or hot water, its production can be redirected to direct consumption in appliances or recharge batteries, etc.


Our solutions keep your home warm in winter and cool it down in summer