elektroinstalacne prace zamok pezinok
Main activities:

  • We install cable trays and provide groove milling and holes boring for electrical installations.
  • We lay cables and leads into troughs and distribution boxes
  • We install cabling in premises according to building documentation
  • We remove old and inappropriate electrical installations
  • We install low voltage switchboards
  • We install socket circuit elements, light circuit elements and photovoltaic system cabling elements
  • We install components for computer networks, fire detection equipment, Alarms, CCTV systems, TV distribution, MaR
  • We install lightning conductors and lightning protection
  • We connect electrical appliances
  • We provide service and installation of street lighting


Our goal is to provide quality and professional services to both investors and end consumers. We can also supply electrical installation material of any kind for surface and sub-surface installation.